Marketing Strategy

Increase bookings with engaging, integrated campaigns

Really, really, nice websites and photography from people that
understand greatness…     …Is nothing without bookings

Beneath your passion and artistry, the seasonal menus and the dedication is a business that needs to generate the cash to pay the staff and feed the meter. Board&Lodgings understands this as acutely as you.

The best return on your investment in marketing activity is bookings. Board&Lodgings has a simple objective – to measure everything we do against this goal. The strength of Board&Lodgings as your marketing partner is the marriage of our creative skills with commercial savvy.

Sure, we know that sometimes it’s hard to measure just how much a great shot of your signature dish or an elegant yet easy to navigate website actually makes in terms of booking. Yet with the right approach and a clear commercial understanding of what you are all about, these elements form a great foundation with which to market your restaurant.

Combine this highly creative skillset with Board&Lodgings other expertise:
e-marketing, search engine optimisation, google advertising, social media and so on and we can create an integrated mix of activity around your restaurant geared to meet your marketing objectives.

We’d like to help you pay your bills (including ours…) – for creative marketing services that understand what greatness needs – Board&Lodgings.

Get in touch with Simon at Board&Lodgings to arrange a no obligation meeting to see how we can help your business on 0161 362 4200.

Bringing it all together

We look at the bigger picture

Our intergrated approach
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