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The best brands convey a sense of personality and great design communicates effortlessly across all mediums. Board&Lodgings covers all elements with inspired design ideas for branding, print and advertising.

Anticipation is a thing that builds as the senses are fed with temptations. Sounds just like a dining experience… the same goes for branding and design. Board&Lodgings is expert in building your story through a brand and its use, design for advertising and all the other printed items you need.

Arrow Mill

A recent example of our work is with the Arrow Mill Hotel and Restaurant in Warwickshire. Chef Patron Simon Woodhams was looking to re-invigorate the presentation of his hotel both online and offline.
First stop was his logo.

Arrow Mill Branding

The mill wheel is at the heart
of the building – a truly memorable sight and, not surprisingly, a feature of the existing logo in a literal form. Having met with Simon and explored his objectives we came up with a gem of a design that gave the wheel a charming twist. It also put the restaurant firmly back on the map – a cornerstone of our marketing strategy for Arrow Mill.

The fresh branding was introduced into a new web design, advertising for the Hotel as a wedding venue, elegant new stationery and place cards for diners and guests.

“The design for the new logo was a real surprise but a good one! We’ve had nothing but positive comments from regular diners. We’re confident that our new identity has real personality and sets the right tone for Arrow Mill”
– Simon Woodhams.

Arrow Mill Branding
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